Let's Go to the Beach

The view from Casa Krakatoa Resort, Anyer

Actually we didn't have any special plan for the latest long weekend. Out of the blue Najla gave her sudden idea, "How if we go to the beach?" Nice idea but needs certain effort to execute it since long weekend is usually associated with crowded atmosphere and terrible traffic jam.
Casa Krakatoa swimming pool
We listed down the reachable beaches which are Ancol and Anyer. We directly crossed Ancol since we were quite sure that we would not be able to cope with the crowd. Anyer then became our only choice. Here we were, headed to Anyer without any reservation. We only tried to be positive, there had to be an empty room, somewhere along the way. 

Fortunately the traffic was not too bad but the hotels and resorts along the beach were fully booked. We were still being positive while trying our luck. Finally after being rejected for well....I forgot to count, there's an empty one, the one and only room at Casa Krakatoa resort. It's an old place. When I accompanied Najla and Zea swimming, I looked around the place and surprisingly it's actually a well-designed resort. The villas are built up in the hill, we need to go down to reach the beautiful swimming pool and enjoy the beach at the back of the hotel. But I don't know why the maintenance of the building and its surrounding are very poor. The swimming pool is a bit dirty and the building also looks gloomy with its old paint. If only they do some basic renovation, I'm sure this place can be happening again just like in the old days.

All in all we enjoyed our moment at Anyer. It's not everyday we could breathe a sea fresh air or  listen to the dancing wave. One thing that we miss is Anyer doesn't provide the visitors with decent restaurant. There are some restaurants but the choices for good food and cozy surrounding are hard to find. If only they have some nice restaurants along the beach, I am sure Anyer will be as good as Jimbaran, Bali.