The books: Ready to deliver
The books: Still in the sorting process
Looking at scattering books all around the home, remembering the size of our small home and  realizing the urge to buy new books every time we enter a bookstore, I conclude that I have to do something about it. First, I bought some old-but-still-okay boxes from the box seller who I met along the road, second I started sorting my books collection, then I came out with three boxes full of children books, teenagers books and novels, finally I browsed in the internet to find the new place for my books.  

I found 1001buku, it's a volunteered-based-community, they have lots of different activities related to books, such as making libraries for children and sending books all over Indonesia. I contacted Tari, one of the volunteers and asked whether they could fetch my books at home or I have to take the books myself to their office. Luckily Tari said she would come to my home and took all the books. Wow...nice service.

Last Friday I had an appointment with Tari. She arrived at my home early in the morning, moved all the books to her car and took some pictures for her documentation. There it goes, the books are ready to take their journey, farewell. I really hope that people who get the books will experience the same joy that I feel. Lastly for 1001buku, thank you for helping me in delivering my books to those who need. Keep up the good works, guys.   


alaya April 5, 2013 at 2:11 PM  

i think i should do this too. biar agak kosong nih rak buku

riana April 6, 2013 at 6:53 PM  

@alaya: sure you do, jadi rak buku bisa kita isi lagi dg buku2 baru :)