Madre the Movie

Madre (Mizan Production, 2013)
Director/Screen Writer: Benni Setiawan
Casts: Vino G. Bastian, Laura Basuki, Didi Petet
As a huge fan of Dewi 'Dee' Lestari's works, I am so happy that since last year three of her books have been adapted into screen. I watched all of them (Perahu Kertas, Recto Verso and Madre). They are fun. Light movies yet enjoyable.

Apart from the books, from those three movies, I heart Madre. Why? Perhaps since I am addicted to bread, haha...Of course there are more reasons, such as: many elements in the movie spoil my eyes and heart. I love the setting which is the classic area of Braga, Bandung, Bali, an old bakery, a romantic bench and  a violinist, fresh bread and sweet love story between Tansen (Vino G. Bastian) and Mei (Laura Basuki).

I found various beautiful scenes in the movie. As I said before, I love not only the bread itself but  also I enjoy seeing the process of making it. Even it seems that I can feel the warm relationship among Tansen, Pak Hadi (Didi Petet) and other bakery crews.

Didi Petet as Pak Hadi is at his best. He performs very natural. Funny yet entertaining. Vino and Laura are also excellent, they have chemistry as lovers wannabe.

The story is about a guy, Tansen, a surfer and a blogger who suddenly inherited an old bakery plus a madre (a jar of bread dough) from his late grandpa. Having no interest in managing a bakery, at first Tansen intends to sell the madre but several things happen that make him need to consider about his decision. He must do something that will cause a big change to his life.   

When I finished watching the movie and ready to leave the movie theater, I just realized that it's raining heavily outside. While waiting for the rain to stop, suddenly I missed those great-taste of classic breads, if only I could pair them with a cup of hot tea, I was sure it would become a perfect wet evening.