Keep Traveling & Do Yoga

Just returned from a three-day journey to Lombok. I went there with a big group of people, 27 yogis to be exact. We planned to explore Lombok and have a yoga practice with Kate Middleton (yes, the name is similar but she has nothing to do with Prince William :D) at Gili Yoga, the one and only place to practice yoga at Gili Trawangan. Although most of us still feel a bit traumatic (up until now) remembering the strong current on our 40-minute (but it seemed forever)-boat ride to Gili Trawangan but it's all paid off at the time we stepped on that heaven on earth. Its views, the surrounding and the athmosphere are just too good to be true. Such a picture perfect. 

Sitting there under the tree, enjoying coconut water and the calm breeze, accompanied by a good book or even just stayed still already changed my mood. The place is soooo not Indonesia. Local tourists are very limited therefore the cafe, the restaurant, the hotel, the facilities are designed not for Indonesian since most of their customers are expats. 

What I like most about this place is there is no pollution. Motorised transport is not allowed. If you want to explore the island, you must do it by foot, riding a bike or taking a pony cart known as cidomo. Since it's already too hot to walk, I finally chose cidomo to browse around the island. By paying IDR 150.000, we were taken around that exotic place. We stopped by to take some pictures at several beautiful resorts. The design and everything of those resorts are quite unique and  awesome. We ended the cidomo session with a super yummy gelato. There are many gelato outlest there and the look and the taste are both superb. One of the best getaway ever.      


ferina October 8, 2013 at 5:02 PM  

asyik banget, Mbak... :)
minggu lalu, aku baru nyoba-nyoba ikutan yoga. semoga bisa rutin kaya' mbak riana :)

riana October 8, 2013 at 9:34 PM  

aminnn....semoga cocok ya, fer :))