The English Teacher (2013)

Director: Craig Zisk
Writer: Dan Charlton & Stacy Charlton
Casts: Julianne Moore, Greg Kinnear, Michael Angarano

The English Teacher is a 2013 comedy movie. It's a story about Linda Sinclair (Moore), a forty-year-old unmarried english teacher in the small town of Kingston, Pennsylvania. Linda is a book   freak. She loves book since she was a little girl. While her friends busy playing basketball or doing sport, she would just sat there with her book. Even after she was in her college time instead of having a boy friend like her other friends did, she still there all alone accompanied by her book.

She is really into english literature. She is so caught up with the characters, the plot and the ending of the books she read therefore she already imagines her prince to be and it seems so difficult to get in the real life.  But that's fine with her. She enjoys her life. She is a passionate teacher and popular among her students. 

Linda also tries several time to have a date with many different characters of men but it never works. It's so funny when she describes her date, how she feels about the man will be simply told by a narrator. I think this narrator (Fiona Shaw) has a very important role in the movie since the comment are so very smart and funny. Since Linda is a teacher, she will judge the man such as  his attitude, his character, etc and finally she will give score, it could be a C or a D, haha..

Linda's simple life is changed when her former student Jason Sherwood (Angarano) returns to Kingston after failing to succeed as a playwright. Linda then convinces him to produce his play at school while Jason's father actually asks him to choose law school instead. 

This is a simple story but combined with original comedy, a touching drama, good plot that make the movie perfectly excellent. I enjoy it a lot. So many screens to laugh about since the script is quite smart and funny.