There's No Such Place Like School...

I always impatiently wait for Friday. It's the day when I have no class to teach. It's nothing but fun. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching but when you have a very tight teaching schedule from Monday till Thursday sometimes you just need to escape from all of them. Friday is just the right time. The day when I can not only take Najla and Zea to school but also to pick them up. And tell you what, my girls' school is one of the nicest place that I adore. It's not a modern-sophisticated building or something, in fact it's just an ordinary school  building with warm and homey feeling inside. The good parts are the kind-hearted teachers, the big fields, the green grass, the playgrounds with the swing, monkey bar, sliding, etc., the canteen with its simple but yummy food but what I love most is the big green trees, especially the rambutan trees during the harvest time, they look quite tempting.

I always enjoy my time sitting under rambutan trees (and pray one of two rambutan fall over me, haha) and feel the breeze on my body while waiting for Najla and Zea's school to end. Just before their mom falls asleep, the  girls will show up with a big smile and a bear hug, those simple things mean a lot for a mother. It means the world. Yes, mother is actually easy to please as long as you know how :))


ferina September 23, 2013 at 1:48 PM  

Mbak, Najla sama Zea sekolah di mana? *lagi nyari2 SD buat mika nih*