One of the Best Things in Life

Najla and Zea on the way to their classroom at school
My little sister and I have five years of age difference. Since the gap of age is too far therefore we didn't interact well. When I was in elementary school, she just the 2-year-old annoying little girl. All she could do were crying and  ruining my things. Therefore during my childhood I always envied my friends who had almost same age sisters. I thought it would be so much fun if we had friend to play with at home.  But the older we got the stronger relationship we had.  Especially when we already got married and had children. We always share everything, baby's stuffs, info about nannies, good pediatrician, and many more.

My girls, Najla and Zea only have less than two years of age difference, to be exact is 1 year and 10 months. They are inseparable. Especially now they share almost everything together. They never run out of topic to be discussed. They talk to each other everywhere, e.g. in the bedroom, in the bathroom, on the way to school, during piano lesson, etc. In fact they talk since they open their eyes in the morning until they go to bed. Gosh. Sometimes they get too involved in the conversation and it seems that they can't hear other people's talk. True they have their own world. 

Of course there's also some frictions between them, some fighting over certain disagreement but usually they make peace shortly. I don't know the reasons behind the fast settlement, either they don't have any friend at home if they keep fighting or perhaps they are afraid that mom will even get angrier to know about their fighting (yep, I might be a mean mother sometimes, haha). All in all I am grateful to see them grow up together and share many important moments. Sister is one of the best things in life.