Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop

Author: Abby Clements
Publisher : Quercus (May 2013)
Paperback: 400 pages

A book with an ice cream theme is always tempting. Just like this book written by Abby Clements. At the moment I finished the book, I felt  warm and....hungry lol. Yep it's been for quite sometime I never read any book with food theme. This book is just a perfect read for a lazy weekend. It might be more special if you make sure that you have a nice (hopefully homemade) ice cream on your hand while you're busy flipping the pages of  the book.

It's a story of sisters, Anna and Imogen. They have different characters but very close and support each other. When their grandmother, Vivien, dies, the sisters unexpectedly inherit their grandmother's ice cream parlour. It turns both their lives upside down. They have to face many inevitably problems along the way from enhancing new customers, building relationship with the other business owners around the area, dealing with a lousy former employee while at the same time they also have their own personal problems such as trying to cope their way to their career, countries and love life.

But they move on. Instead of looking back, Anna and Imogen think a new way to promote the shop. Anna then heads to Florence, Italy to learn how to make a genuine-Italian-gellato and this trip at last changes her life forever.

I never read any books of Abby Clements before. But from this book, I think her works are worth to read. She just has the ability to deliver a simple story into a sweet and wonderful tale. Honestly when I reached the last page of this book, I was quite reluctant to leave a Anna and Imogen's awesome world. 

A deliciously romantic tale.

Ooops..I almost forgot, there  are also five delicious  ice cream recipes at the back of the book which are definitely worth to try.