A Look Back

This past one week I am busy watching my friends Facebook movies. As you know that Facebook is turning 10 this year and to commemorate it they turn their members' timelines, shared photos, etc into a movie. So everyone might have kind of biographical personal movie depending on what stuff he posted and shared on Facebook.

From my video I just realized that I joined Facebook in 2008, gosh it's been 6 years now. I still remembered the reason I joined this social media was because of my friends. At that time the urge to conduct a reunion and get together with old friends were so high and they got upset at me since I was always late in knowing the info. Yep..as a gaptek (technology illiterate) person, I am not into the latest gadget, social media, instagram, path, etc, you name it. There it goes, I joined it up until now. I do get lots of excitement from it. I finally found my long-lost friends. I even got entertained by witty status yet upset a bit for provocative status but still I could live with that.  I even learned people characters from the way they update and comment on their status. Never realized that before but it happened.

Therefore after a couple of years I need to select my friends list. Choose the ones who are really close to me or the one who are not too close but having an informative, friendly, warm or even funny updates. If people have more and more friends on Facebook, on the contrary mine is less or at least stable numbers. I guess it's just the age (is it?). The older I am the more selective I become. If at young age it's just great to make new friends, get together with everyone, share everything, but at the end of the day I finally realized my bunch of truly best friends. The ones that I embrace. I also feel that for some personal moments with my beloved family are better kept for me. Perhaps since I realize that I live for myself, not to impress others but to make myself happy. Therefore it's better to just keep quiet here, enjoying my time with my little family while checking the Facebook account once in a while.   

Then again from the video I also learned. If at the beginning I was still excited to update my status, to comment my friends status, to share the videos of many occasions but lately it's getting very rare. No more updated status and I only shared pictures related to my friends. Therefore when I watched my videos I just found that it's full of Najla and Zea's photos at the beginning and lasted with my yoga activities photos at the ending. But still I enjoyed watching these look back videos, some are  really touching whereas others make me smile. Salute to Facebook for its creative idea if only Blogspot has this kind of thing, I think it's going to be fun as well, don't you think so?