It's Lunar New Year's a long weekend. However since it's raining here and there, we plan to just stay at home and be a couch potato. Enjoying the food, the books and the DVDs. My sister made our day by giving us a bunch of fresh organic Japanese sweet potatoes and potatoes. Just the rights stuff for us. We could create many things with these and it's going to be the best companion for us while we enjoyed our day.

I finally finished The Cuckoo's Calling. This is a 2013 crime fiction novel by J.K. Rowling who published the book under the pseudonym "Robert Galbraith". The BBC reported that Rowling sent the manuscript anonymously and at least one publishing house declined it. It was eventually accepted by Sphere Books with whom Rowling had collaborated on her previous novel, The Casual Vacancy (2012) *ooopss...I just realized I haven't finished this book yet. In fact where did I put this book?*

In the old days detective books were my cup of tea. I have read all Agatha Christie's works. Some of them even read more than once. And this latest book of Rowling really put me into nostalgia since she used a classic plot of detective books just like Christie did. Rowling confirmed that a sequel is already finished and is expected to be published in 2014. I guess we have a new detective to be in love with, Cormoran Strike, the lead character in Rowling's detective stories.

Now let's enjoy Woody Allen's latest drama movie Blue Jasmine. It tells the story of a rich Manhattan Socielite (played awesomely by Cate Blanchett) falling into poverty and homelessness. As usual Allen always comes out with something ordinary yet witty. A must see movie.

That's a simple wrap for today, there are still two days to go for holiday. As long as we have our food, books and movies, I think the four of us will survive. Enjoy your holiday with the loved ones.