A Weekend Getaway: Waduk Jatiluhur

Actually it was my hubby who got an office outing at Waduk Jatiluhur, Purwakarta, West Java couple months ago however we decided to take our girls, Najla and Zea, along since  they have never visited any dam yet. I thought it's going to be fun for them to see the lake and how the dam works.  Moreover I searched in the internet that Jatiluhur dam has several tourist spots and a nice swimming pool. 

The reality turned out to be a bit disappointing. The area was not well maintained. We found lots of garbages everywhere, the restaurants seemed not too hygienic, the swimming pool was so crowded, the weather is so hot and a bad odour smelled almost everywhere (perhaps it's from the waste of the dam).  

Since our plan was not run too well thus to cheer the girls up a little bit (due to cancellation of our swimming plan and not many activities they could do there), we finally hired a boat and rowed it along the lake. Boating in a big lake is definitely an awesome experience for the girls.

I am sure this place was used to be a beautiful place in the old days. It has many beautiful stuffs such as  the lake, the view and the surrounding. But it seems the management neglect the maintenance. If only they pay more attention to develop the place professionally, I think this place could be chosen as one of the weekend getaway for Jakarta people (instead of Bandung and Puncak) since the location is not too far.