Two Girls in a Tea Party

My girls, Najla and Zea, are still being obsessed with a princess life, a castle, a fancy gown and of course a tea party. Currently they're busy doing role play as the princess and the prince. Zea is the scriptwriter while Najla preparing all necessary property. Once in a while they have a tea party at our back yard. They prepare the tea, some cookies and ready for an afternoon tea.

When we abruptly saw Lady Alice Tearoom at Gandaria City Mall, my girls are over the moon. It's just a dream came true. Finally they could have a 'real' tea party. They amazed to see all the high tea property and paid less attention to the taste of the tea, the cookies and the cakes (I guess they know that their mom was focusing more on all those cute cookies and waiting for the right moment to gobble them up). While they were just too excited to start the ritual, to feel the ambience and to ignore other things. Enjoy girls, I know those kinds of feeling.

Lady Alice Tearoom not only serves afternoon tea but also several different foods and yummy bread. Worth to try. Check their website here.


alaya September 5, 2014 at 4:31 PM  

jadi penasaran sama tempat ini :)

riana September 7, 2014 at 1:48 PM  

@alaya: tempat yang menarik dg sajian yang unik, bikin anak2 perempuan ketagihan, ayoooo ajak jingga ke sini :)