After School...

At my girls school, the class will start at 7.30 am and end up at 1.30 pm - 2 pm. Zea as a 2nd grade student finishes her school at 1.30 pm while Najla as a 4th grader will come out at 2 pm. At the beginning I thought it's going to be a problem for Zea since she must wait for Najla for 30 even 40 minutes until they can go home together. But I was wrong. It turned out that Zea enjoys her waiting-for-Najla session a lot.

Kids are amazing. They have unlimited energy for playing. They will just run to the playground, enjoy all the play tools, play basket or soccer, or just scream here and there.

Even when Najla is ready to go home, Zea is out of nowhere. She just can't stop playing. Thus the going- home trip will be postponed since I have to find her and persuade her by giving extra 5-10 minutes until she can say a proper farewell to her companions. Yes..girls, Mama knows that feeling. The never-ending desire to just play. Sometimes that feeling still comes (once in a while) up until today.