The Clockwork Three

Title: The Clockwork Three
Author: Matthew J. Kirby
Translator: Julanda Tantani
Gramedia, 2014
448 pages.

It's been a while I have never read any children book. Curious about this debut story made by Matthew J. Kirby and surprisingly the book is unputdownable. Incredible characters, unexpected twists and turns, leaving me with a mixed feeling of sad and happy when I finished reading it.

It is a story about three children. Giuseppe, an orphaned street musician. Frederick, a clockmaker apprentice, and Hannah, the breadwinner in the family who works as a hotel maid. The book setting is in US during 1900. Instead of going to school, these less fortunate children need to work. One day all of them meets each other and later on becoming best friends. 

Let's follow these three children adventure. They will deal with a green violin, hidden treasure and several criminals. The author brings a very vivid characters. I felt like I watched them go through troubles and feel their fear, anger, hatred and joy. One of the best children books with interesting concept. An all-time favorite reading.