Raisa Live in Concert

It's been a long time I have never seen any concert. Last Sunday my sister, a friend and I for the sake of nostalgia decided to see Raisa concert. Why Raisa? Well...in my age now, I don't think I can stand any brutal crowd, loud noise and all thus I though that Raisa's music and her fans are just the right one for me. The concert was almost fully booked in fact there were 5000 fans at Istora Senayan yet the crowd was still manageable. 

Salute and respect to the Event Organizer. One of the best concerts that was held profesionally. Raisa's performance was stunning as always. She is just a real star. Full of talent and very humble. Everything in the concert was prepared well. Super happy to be part of it. 

You can check more on Raisa's concert at her twitter account here.