Sharp Objects

Title: Sharp Objects
Author: Gillian Flynn
2013 Crown Publisher New York
396 pages

Just like other readers, after finished reading Gone Girl, you just feel the need to check other books written by Gillian Flynn. This is Flynn's  debut -novel written down back in 2006.  

The story is quite dark in everything such as the characters, the relationship, the twist and turns. It's just the general mood of the novel. A kind of traumatising psychological thriller. The protagonist, Camille Preaker was just thirteen when her sister died. She was drown in grief and finally spent the last ten years at a psych hospital due to her acts in cutting her own skin using sharp objects (ouch).

Ten years later Camille --now a journalist-- returns to her small hometown to report on the brutal murders of two young girls  who show no sign of sexual abuse but all their teeth had been removed. Yep, this book freaked me out a little due to its very deep and disturbing mental issues to work through. Can't imagine how the author did her research since the characters, settings and all are quite vivid yet frightening. 

The conclusion that I got from Sharp Objects and also my latest book review Ripper is the way a child upbringing will definitely build his/her character and traumatic experiences could really have a serious impact. 

Still need to find the other book of Flynn, Dark Places or perhaps somebody wants to lend me? #ngarep.


ferina May 20, 2015 at 3:56 PM  

bener mbak ...abis baca gone girl, pengen baca bukunya gillian flynn yang lain .. sama 'sinting'nya apa gak sama gone girl ..

mbak, udah baca before i go to sleep? ini juga keren :) ini juga udah ada filmnya sih. ini juga bikin 'sakit jiwa' bacanya

alaya May 21, 2015 at 5:04 PM  

mau baca buku ini tapi ngeri sama judulnya :D

riana May 21, 2015 at 7:20 PM  

@ferina: aduhhh…fer, aku stres baca buku2 'sinting' ini, penasaran tapi jantungku ga kuat #uzur :p

'before I go to sleep' belum baca tu, sinting juga???? ahhh…sepertinya aku mau baca buku yg bisa menenangkan jiwa dulu hehe…

@alaya: iya pikir2 dulu deh kalo mau baca, sesuai dg judulnya, adegan2 sadisnya digambarkan dg detail, kelar baca bukan terhibur malah stres :)