Eat Republic

There is a new shortcut road between Cinere and Pondok Cabe. The shortcut is prepared well by developer which soon planned to open a new residence complex. In the middle of the boulevard there is a huge food court called Eat Republic which was open last April. The banner of this new eatery spread all around with Pak Bondan 'Maknyus' Winarno's pic as the ambassador.   

A couple days ago my girls and I were tempted to try the place on. We arrived about 1 pm and found that several visitors were eating while listening to the live music. The place reminds me of Sentul Floating Market --a project introduced by Pak Bondan as well, a food court concept with lots of variations of food and drink thus we can choose what we like.

The place is quite nice equipped with free wifi, live music, oldies ambience, lots of electricity socket for charging and several beautiful spots for doing selfies #duaygterakhirpentingbangetbuatorangindo. They also provide a simple playground, bamboo hut for those who like leyeh-leyeh or just sit somewhere, sip your tea or coffee and enjoy the breeze. 

The place claims to have 700 different menus and soon will become the biggest culinary spot in South Jakarta. Let's wait then. All in all it's nice to have more alternatives for culinary. I think I will come there again not to enjoy the food since for me the taste of them are fair but more on enjoying the ambience. However I found the trend now that you have to choose either to enjoy a yummy food or just to embrace the restaurant ambience (and of course to take tons of pics). It's not too easy to get both: good food and good place.

Interested? Check their website here.