All the Light We cannot See

Title: All the Light We cannot See
Author: Anthony Doerr
Publisher: Fourth Estate, 2015
531 pages
So many windows are dark. It's as if the city has become a library of books in an unknown language, the houses great shelves of illegible volumes, the lamps all extinguished.
Pulitzer Prize winner will never let you down. Just like the latest book I read from Anthony Doerr. He won Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2015. The novel will keep you awake until the last page. A real page- turner.  

Set in occupied France during World War II, the novel centers on a blind French girl and a German boy whose path accross.The novel is having so much. The characters are developed beautifully. You will feel that you are invited into the page. You can even feel that you know how a blind girl thinks and lives for real. The descriptions are awesome that I could imagine the atmosphere through touch and sound. A total masterpiece. 

Once you start reading it , there is no putting down. You'll be curious to know the ending of the story while at the same time you also want to save the page longer since it's hard to say farewell to this masterpiece. 

Told in short paragraph back and forth between the blind girl in France and the prodigy boy in German. It's like you learn about history and love story in a very poetic way. A must read.    

He'll say, What took you so long, bluebird?
He'll say, I will never leave you, not in a million years.