The Eleventh Day of Ramadhan

The one and only sugar-apple fruit
This Ramadhan flies. It seems we just started it but it turns out to be the eleventh day by now. The girls are getting better in doing the fasting, it's Najla's 5th time and Zea's 3rd time to have full fasting for the whole month. This Ramadhan is also special since the girls having a non-stop-seven-week of school holiday meaning that they can embrace this sacred month fully at home. I was kind of worried at first thinking the girls would get so bored just staying home hence so far they're doing okay. Happy faces, no complaints and enjoy every single thing of Ramadhan. Thank God.

While for me, I just feel that I enjoy more and more time with family. I only teach twice a week and make sure I'll be home before the breakfasting schedule comes. I don't go for any breakfasting with friends. I don't think I can handle Jakarta's crazy traffic jam and crowded malls and restaurants during breakfasting hours.'s definitely a sign of ...ehm's old age then, hahaha...

One more thing I am excited to see my sugar-apple (sarikaya) tree finally has one and only fruit after waiting for ages. I once thought to cut this tree since there is no little sign of any flower of fruit but out of the blue it's there. The tempting fruit is coming. I am waiting patiently for the right time to pick it while doing ngabuburit.


ferina June 29, 2015 at 10:24 AM  

me too, mbak ... gak tahan sama macet, plus mall yang pasti penuh.
gak tahan nunggu di foodcourt dari jam 4, sementara buka baru jam 6 ... :D

riana June 29, 2015 at 8:05 PM  

@ferina: hahaha…I am not alone…iyaaaa, sekarang maunya buka puasa dg tenang di rumah sambil minum teh anget & makan kolak :p