Trilogi Soekram

Title: Trilogi Soekram
Author: Sapardi Djoko Damono
Editor: Mirna Yulistianti
Gramedia, 2015
273 pages

Who doesn't know Sapardi Djoko Damono? A very popular Indonesian poet.  His Hujan Bulan Juni is all time favorite poem. This time Sapardi published  his novel, Trilogi Soekram. As stated in the title this novel consists of three strories. But this is not just an ordinary story, check the first paragraph:
Saya Soekram, tokoh sebuah cerita yang ditulis oleh seorang yang meninggal seminggu yang lalu, meninggalkan saya belum selesai. Maksud saya, sebelum sempat ia menyelesaikan ceritanya ia meninggal dunia.
Interesting? Weird? It's a story about Soekram, the main character in the book that jumped out of the story plot, sued the author for leaving his unfinished story and decided to write his own story.

The story is divided into three parts with Soekram as the main character. The first part tells about Soekram, a lecturer who just returned from post graduate study in US. The setting was in 1998 during the reformation era when President Suharto was toppled down. Second part taking us back to old regime during President Soekarno's era. And the last part is a bit shocking since the author takes us to the era of Siti Nurbaya and Datuk Maringgih  with a lot of new modification twists that totaly different  from its original version.

The author said that he is interested to analyze the relation between the writers and the things that they write. Using the idea of 'the death of the author', the author develop a very unique story. Enjoyable.