One Afternoon at Rancamaya

At Kuntum Nurseries
Our girls have finished their school exam. They still need to go to school for preparing the end of semester party, remedial test and class meeting. Soon they will have a veryyyy long holiday, seven weeks to be exact. Yes, the school administrators decide to give the school holiday combined with Idul Fitri holiday. The special thing will be welcoming the first time for the girls to do one-month fasting at home.
The girls favorite swimming pool

We don't have any special trip for this holiday since the schedule is a bit tight (and also the money) while Ramadhan month is already on the way. I browsed here and there to find a good spot in Bogor area unfortunately some of the awesome hotels were fully booked last weekend thus I finally decided to spend the holiday on Sunday and Monday. It turns out that it's a good choice to stay in a hotel on Monday, beside the low price, we could also enjoy the quite atmosphere and have the huge swimming pool on our own as most of other guests were leaving on Sunday noon.

The view from our hotel balcony
Our holiday started early in the morning. I took the girls to Kuntum Nurseries at Tajur area. It's a farm field where kids can deal with animals and plants. The girls were so happy to see the animals and their dream pets here since their mom says a big no for having pets at home. Kids will love this place. They can meet and feed the animal such as cows, sheeps, bunny, ducks, they can go fishing and even pony riding. Make sure to come early in the morning so it's not too hot for the kids to enjoy the surrounding. Find more on Kuntum Farmfield here

One of the girls happiest moment!!!
From the farm, we headed to R Hotel at Rancamaya. The hotel is truly awesome. It is definitely becoming the girls' favorite. We just love the simple design, the surrounding, the beautiful garden, the deer hunt and of course its long and huge swimming pool. Find more on the hotel info here

On our way home we dropped by at Lemongrass, one of the most happening restaurants in Bogor. The visitors are always packed here. The menue is actually similar as Kopitiam's menue. The special things are their interior designs. The owner prepared the place in quite a details. Beautiful place. Very instagramable!!! You can just take pics everywhere.

A simple holiday that makes everyone happy.      


Ron June 9, 2015 at 2:12 PM  

They are so cute. :)

riana June 10, 2015 at 6:07 PM  

thank you Ron, your blog is also very informative:)