The Girl in the Spider's Web

Title: The Girl in the Spider's Web
Author: David Lagercrantz
Translated from the Swedish by: George Goulding
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2015
405 pages

“Rest easy, Lisbeth Salander fans—our punk hacker heroine is in good hands . . . A twisty, bloody thrill ride . . . seamlessly woven together by Lagercrantz—in fact, if you hadn’t seen his name on the book jacket, you’d likely assume it was Larsson’s own handiwork . . . An instant page-turner.” —USA Today (4 out of 4 stars)

Lisbeth Salander, our girl with the dragon tattoo is back. Yes, an excellent continuation of the Millennium series is here. After Stieg Larsson died of a heart attack in 2004 and there's a dispute between  his girl friend versus his father and brother, I thought that the end of these series. But perhaps looking at its huge success,  the publisher at last decided that it's time for another sequel.  

David Lagercrantz, an acclaimed Swedish Journalist and author, was assigned to continue the series and he made it. This is another excellent work. Unputdownable. Highly recommended. No wonder if Lagercrantz has been offered to write other two continuation of the novels. So grab the book and let's meet up with Salander and Blomkvist!!!

We live in a world in which paranoia is a requirement.

The Girl in the Spider's Web, David Lagercrantz


Unknown April 22, 2016 at 1:37 PM  

mau pinjem yg ini.. :D

Riana April 25, 2016 at 9:44 AM  

@Rina: Hah???...Yakin, mau baca buku besar, berat, tebal, dengan huruf kecil2 ini? Kalo iya, wuihhh...salut...ntar aku bawain di kencan kita berikutnya:)