Can't Get Enough of Bali

Just like other Australian, my cousin and his Australian wife are crazy about Bali. Every time they have holiday, the first destination that hit their mind will be Bali, Bali and Bali. I asked them once, why do you Australian love Bali so very much? They said that because:

1) in Bali they can do anything that are not allowed in Australia. Hold on...such as? Well...going to salon everyday, having cream bath, massage, lulur, pedicure, medicure, and other wellness stuff with a very cheap price yet a very skillful staff. Even you can have those services at your hotel and they still offer reasonable price.

2) Okay, next, they enjoy the food, the cafe and the ambience.

3) Other favorite thing is they can hire a motorbike and ride around Bali sometimes even without helmet. Okay, this one is dangerous but it's okay they say once in a while to ride a bike in an Indo way. I don't know whether I should be proud of or ashamed of this label, lol. 

So, there we were, spending the last four days in Bali. Following the Australian way, once they enjoy of something, they will definitely do the same things over and over again while me as Indonesian, just like to explore and try new things, such as when I choose hotel, I will avoid to stay at the same hotel, especially in Bali when you have heaps of excellent hotel choices with reasonable price, but again we stay at the same place Kuta Regency Villa. It's a nice villa actually, good location, nearby the airport (good to anticipate Bali's traffic jam that getting worse each day), having four bedrooms and a private pool, but we've been here before. Still we could live with that since the point of this trip was to share the holiday with our families and relatives. 

We just went with the flow. Enjoying the holiday. Having never-ending chit-chat and lots of laughter. That the best part. Anyway we dropped by at Potato Head for the first time. Love everything there unless the bill, hahaha...

We went back to Jakarta before Christmas came. We thought Bali would be packed during Christmas and new year.  But still our flight had a three-hour-delay. The good thing is Bali's airport is very cozy now. The renovation is completely done thus it's nice to just stay there waiting.  We arrived home at 1 am, tired but happy. Thanks for the holiday, mate!!!