Life Lately

Happy faces welcoming holiday
Time management could be an issue for everyone. Nope it doesn't relate to age. Even at my 'lansia' time, I face it again. It's all started when a friend asked me to collaborate and set up a Legal Translation Service. As a lawyer beside drafting a contract sometimes we also need to translate the contract into English particularly when one of the parties in the contract is a foreign company or an expatriate. At first my friend's offer sounded interesting since I think it's time for me to consider more work-from-home projects. Nevertheless I also remember a friend said that as soon as you become a translator, your life will be totally changed. Yes, you might stay at home but you also deal with deadline and mostly 'unbelievable' ones. 

After five years living my life as a part-timer here and there, I just found out that my pace now perhaps a bit slowing down. Age factor? could be #sound a denial here??? Lately I found my life is really hectic. Days run. Time does fly. Too fast. Sometimes I can't cope with it.

Just realize that it's already in the middle of December.  The girls just finished the school exam and ready for two-week-holiday while their mom is still struggling between teaching stuff and translation deadline. Oh Lord..

A new year is coming its way. Got a feeling that 2015 is running too fast or is it just my melancholy feeling? Don't know yet #continue checking Traveloka's website for budget holiday. Yes girls, I know you need holiday, so do I. Btw, why on earth are there no more reasonable tickets for the following week? WHY? WHY??? Do I sound stress? Perhaps I do but...just a bit #still on denial.