10 Days, 6 Countries & Unlimited Excitement

Just returned from a 10-day-trip to West Europe. It's a kind of sudden idea actually. During our lunch, my friend suddenly asked me to have a trip together to Europe and I just simply said, well...okay, why not? I never thought that the trip could be executed this year. Yet it seemed the universe conspired to make it came true. All was very smooth. The Schengen visa, the sudden leaves approved, the hubby and girls' approval also obtained (since it's the first time that I left them for 10 days). Unbelievable. 

I started the journey from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris, Frankfurt, Koln, Venice, Rome and it ended in Vatican. A bit ambitious trip actually.  I could  go to three countries in one day. Having breakfast in Amsterdam, lunch in Brussels and dinner in Paris. Still I enjoyed all moments. Embracing the uniqueness of each country.

Venice, the Magical City!
From ten cities I visited, my favorite is Venice, Italy. The city is magical. Just like living in a fantasy island. Hope to get back there someday. Not only Venice but I do dream to explore other parts of Italy such as: Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre and Bologna. All of them having their own specialty. Although lots of people say, beware of Italy, pickpockets are everywhere, but it doesn't stop me to love the city and plan to revisit it. Someday.     


ferina March 14, 2016 at 11:41 AM  

wahhh.. asyik banget ... pantesan blog-nya lama gak update ..
borong buku gak, mbak? :D

riana March 15, 2016 at 8:11 AM  

@ferina: ga borong sih, cuma beli beberapa #edisi insyaf, tumpukan 'dosa' di rumah masih banyak & ngeri over baggage :D