Mood Booster

When I look at my Students:
I see unlimited possibilities!!!

People have different ways in having their mood booster. For me, beside cuddling with Najla and Zea, it turns out that my students are also my mood booster. Yes, after four years dealing with these young people, instead of getting bored, I feel that I love them even more. 

I know they are not angels. Sometimes some of them could be very annoying (even you need to check your blood pressure once in a while just to make sure you have a normal one). However being around them is far much better than trapped in a non-stop meeting with a client. 

See my student at the front? He thought he's some kind of a hero wearing a  special costume
I just enjoy the moment when we can share about many things. Motivate them, Brain washing challenge them. Being around these young spirits really make me alive. Students nowadays are totally different comparing to my time (of course, it's almost 25 years ago). Killer lecturer is so very out of date. Being too stern to them also not giving much effect. 

The best way to have a good student-teacher-relationship is by becoming their friends. Listening to their curhat. Updating with the latest teen issues and memorizing the most happening 'teen terms' such as: mager, baper, etc. #GuruGaul.    

I am still a part-timer lecturer. I only teach twice a week. I choose this schedule in order to maintain my mood. I don't think I can enjoy my teaching this much if I need to teach everyday, all day long. People have their own ways to keep their spirit high. For me, I guess I have to do several different things with flexible working hours. Too demanding? Perhaps ...I am. Again, YOLO (You Only LiveOnce. Of course, I got this term from my student) but if you make the best of it, once is enough.     

I failed in some subjects in exam,
but my friend passed in all.
Now he is an engineer in Microsoft
and I am the owner of Microsoft.

--Bill Gates