Surat dari Praha (2016)

It's been sometime I don't watch any Indonesian movies. Reading lots of positive review about Surat dari Praha the movie made me decide to go to the cinema this afternoon. 

So how's the movie?
  • History is my thing and Surat dari Praha is a historical romantic movie. The setting is based on true events back in 1965-1966 when the late President Soeharto ruled Indonesia and announced the New Order (Orde Baru). Everyone who was against him might be considered communist, killed or guaranteed to have a difficult life (yep, that's scary).  This crazy conditions did not only happen in Indonesia but also having impacts to Indonesia's students who were granted scholarship to continue their studies overseas. Many of them trapped overseas,  considered stateless and couldn't return to their home country, Indonesia. Up until now lots of them still leave in Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, Russia, etc, got married with locals and live their lives away from their home country and family. So sad.
  • As stated in the movie title, the setting of the movie is in Prague. I know Prague is beautiful (East Europe countries are still on my bucket list) but the director (Angga Dwimas Sasongko) put Prague in a real scene. You can see old apartment and poor neighbourhood where Jaya (Tio Pakusadewa) lives, full with graffiti here and there but that the one which makes the movie seems so vivid. It's so real. It's just an everyday life. 
  • The dialogue is quite strong and rich. My favourite one when Jaya (Tio Pakusadewo) tells Laras (Julie Estelle) the following line: Ada dua janji saya: 1) kembali untuk menikahi ibumu, 2) mencintai dia selamanya; TAPI SAYA HANYA BISA MELAKUKAN YANG KEDUA. Oh..dear God. 
  • Tio Pakusadewo rocks. His acting is killing me. Tio at his best. 
  • The movie is also based on Glenn Fredly's songs. There are four songs of Glenn that actually not too popular but turn out to be magical when sung as the original sound track of the movie. One song sung by Tio Pakusadewo, 'Sabda Cinta' (excellent song) and my favourite is 'Nyali Terakhir' sung beautifully by Julie Estelle. Although Julie said she has no musical background but the song definitely wins my heart. Julis'e voice is beautiful. So relaxing. Check the video herein below. 

  • To wrap it all, Surat dari Praha is a perfect combination of music, drama, history, politics and love. Not many Indonesian movies could do such thing. Highly recommended.