Venice, the Floating City

Venice has been on my bucket list for ages. When my friends and I decided to go to Italy, we realised that  our time (and money) were limited so we had to choose two cities only in Italy.  And without a single doubt, beside Rome, Venice was absolutely on the list. 

To save time, instead of using train (which will take approximately 14 hours), we flew within 1,5 hours by using Transavia airlines from Amsterdam to Marco Polo airport in Venice, Italy. There are many budget airlines (sometimes even cheaper than the train ticket) that we can choose to explore Europe. 
Hotel Al Bailo, Venice. Highly recommended

Arrived at the airport, we walked along the road to find our water taxi that we have previously booked online  then we headed to our Hotel Al Bailo, Venice. Although its is called hotel but this place is a kind of apartment. From outside the building in Venice look old and vintage but at the moment you enter the place, you will be amazed to see how modern the place is. Just like Hotel Al Bailo, very cozy place with a reasonable price. We booked it via The location is quite accessible.  You get pasta, gellato, tiramisu, cappuccino and souvenirs easily around the corner. Once we bought some raw pasta, meat and condiment and cooked them all for our breakfast. Super yummy. 

Moving on, what is the special thing about Venice? Well...No words could describe how beautiful Venice is. Consisting of 118 islands, it is also called as a city on water. No cars, no traffic jam since the available transportation here is Vaporetto (water bus) or the private one, water taxi or you can also ride along in the gondola with its charming gondolier.

Venice is surrounded by canals and bridges. As a UNESCO cultural heritage site, this city has a magical touch on everything. Living here must be like living in a fantasy world.

The sad part about Venice is that the city is slowly sinking under water. Each year water is rising about 2-3 cm. The houses by the water are slowly going under water. Therefore you MUST visit this place soon. I was lucky to come in March when the weather is a bit cool, not too many tourist so we can easily enjoy and explore the area.