After translating 500 pages of documents...

All you want to do is having a deep sleep. 

For me it is added by visiting a bookshop. I just realized that I haven't been in the bookshop for quite sometime --I guess since I am busy finishing tons of books I bought at Big Bad Wolf (and there are still a lot left unread)-- and the feeling of happiness was still there, being around books. I thought that I need some simple book that I could finish it within a day and finally found The Architecture of Love written by Ika Natassa.  The good book was already in my hands, now it's time to drop by at a cafe, ordered a hot green tea latte and drowned in Raia and River's adventure in New York. Well...this book turned out to be interesting since it made me wanted to visit New York #AddTheBucketList.

The next day, I decided to fulfill my other interest which was going to a cinema and enjoying good movies. Here it went, I watched three movies for three days in a row. Yes, you read it right. I started by watching Ini Kisah 3 Dara and felt in love with the story and  suddenly wanted to go to Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara, the setting of the movie which is dangerously beautiful. The next day, I went and watched Warkop Reborn and laughing till my stomach hurt (not doing such things for so long). Last movie that I watched with the girls was BFG. We love this big friendly giant and enjoyed all parts of the movie.

Today I just stayed home (cooking ketupat??? Of course not), planned to read some books yet ended up falling a sleep. However I feel recharged now, ready to welcome Eid al-Adha tomorrow.  Hope everyone having a blessed holiday, too.