Exploring Indonesia: Padang & Bukit Tinggi

A breathtaking view from Grand Rocky Hotel, Bukit Tinggi 
To travel is to live.
-Hans Christian Anderson

I have been dreaming to go to Padang and finally it happenned last weekend. I went there with four of my ex college mates. We really did have a great time.
At Lembah Harau

We stayed at Grand Rocky Hotel at Bukit Tinggi. A nice hotel in a strategic area. Jam Gadang and all tourism spots are within walking distance. Unfortunately we couldn't shop at Pasar Atas or Pasar Ateh, located next to Jam Gadang, since it was burnt last October. There are still some of the products sold around the first floor of Pasar Ateh so we still could buy some stuffs with reasonable prices but imagining there used to be around 700 traders in Pasar Ateh, we really sorry that we miss the opportunity to visit such an exciting place.
At Padang Beach
At Singkarak Lake

Traveling to Padang and Bukit Tinggi means you are ready to enjoy a beautiful landscape with fresh air and of course a super delicious Padang food. If you are into valley, waterfall, lake, mountain, rice fieds, rendang, keripik sanjay, lupis, bubur kampiun, and all, Padang and Bukit Tinggi are heavens on earth for all foodies. 
Kelok 9

A short getaway that as usual brings good food for our soul.