Maaf, Umur Ibu Berapa?

Salah satu pertokoan besar di Jakarta Selatan, hujan deras di hari Jumat sore.

Dalam kondisi seperti ini, mendapatkan angkutan online atau taksi merupakan suatu keajaiban.

Setelah mencoba aneka aplikasi, akhirnya dapat juga taksi si Burung Biru.

Baru menempatkan pantat di kursi, supir taksi, seorang bapak paruh baya, langsung bertanya,
"Maaf, umur ibu berapa?"

Kaget dengan pertanyaan si bapak supir, saya spontan menjawab, "46 tahun, kenapa Pak?"

"Enggak, saya setiap hari Jumat, berniat memberikan tumpangan gratis untuk para lansia."

Saya tercenung. Bingung. Harus terharu dengan program sosial si bapak atau tersinggung, karena ..............dianggap lansia.

Hahaha...makin tua makin baper. Tumbler Starbucks ditulis 'Kak Riana' saja rasanya bahagia, mood bisa berubah kalau tulisannya 'Ibu Riana'.  

Ulang Tahun

The Legendary Fresh Cream Strawberry Cake from Chateraise, super YUMMY

Tak terasa sudah 46 tahun hidup di bumi ini
Waktu sungguh terbang
Age is just number
Young is forever
Quote favorit orang-orang yang menolak tua

Namun umur tidak pernah bohong
Memasuki usia 40-an
Banyak hal-hal yang akhirnya membuat kita sadar bahwa kita memang lansia, uzur, jompo
Cepat capek, sering mengantuk, sering lupa, malas susah, malas berdesak-desakan, malas repot, mulai memikirkan gula daráh, tensi daráh, kolesterol, berat badan, dan lain-lain
Intinya mau menikmati hidup dengan segala hal yang kita miliki

Lebih bersyukur
Terutama masalah kesehatan
Olahraga suatu kewajiban yang harus dinikmati
Karena memang harus dijalani

Harta yang paling berharga adalah keluarga
Ini bukan tertular film Keluarga Cemara (yang sukses membuat berkaca-kaca & cari-cari tissue)
Tapi seiring usia, makin terasa keinginan untuk kumpul bareng keluarga

Lingkaran pertemanan juga semakin menyusut
Malas rasanya berkumpul dengan orang-orang yang tidak sehati
Ngopi, ngeteh, kongkow, gossip, belanja hanya dengan teman yang itu-itu såja
Enggak bosan? Tak ada kata bosan untuk berghibah, Astagfirullah...

Makin hari makin malas update blog
Banyak buku, film, cerita perjalanan yang seharusnya dibagi di sini
Namun hanya berakhir di dalam hati dan kepala
Semoga di tahun 2019, hasrat menulis blog kembali hadir
Terima kasih tak terhingga untuk Ayah, Najla & Zea
Untuk semuanya
Untuk kesabaran, ketabahan, menghadapi Mama yang banyak maunya ini
You're all the Center of My Universe.
I am so definitely lucky.

Turning 12

Dear our new year baby,

On this first day of a new year, we would like to cherish you with a birthday wish.
May you be gifted with life's biggest joys and never-ending bliss.

After all, you yourself are a gift to us. deserve the best.

Happy 12th birthday, our little pumpkin, Zea.

-Abundance of Love from Ayah, Mama & Kk Najla

And wish all of us, a joyous new year of 2019...

Introducing Cafe Unju'an & iLegal Library

Unju'an Cafe/iLegal Library

Although I don't drink coffee but I always love the smell of coffee in a cozy coffee shop accompanied by my favorite books and good music, wow....such a piece of heaven. Hence having a cafe on my own was also one of the wishlists.

I flashed back a bit. Back to several months ago when my partners (in our law firm) & I  thought that having an office in Kuningan area was not nice anymore. Its crazzy traffic slowly  killed us and we just realized that it's time for us to make our move. Moving somewhere else. Leaving all this hustle and bustle and finding a more peaceful office space.

And one day one of my partners found this cozy house in Kebayoran Baru area. Located in the residences area surrounded by lots of nice cafes and restaurants, we thought this was it. We negotiated with the owner and decided to rent it for the next  two years.
The first program at iLegal Library was Book Discussion

This was the first time for our law office to be located in a house instead of tall buildings since for the past nine years we always rented office space in Kuningan area. So...yes, we needed to adapt, to do lots of renovation and to shop for many furniture and stuffs.
You can also karaoke here!

We then thought to do something as our legacy.  Yep, we've been working for more than 20 years so it's not only works then. We must do something different. We decided to have a complete yet nice legal library that will provide law books for anyone needs it. However we realized that library is not a popular place for Indonesian therefore we need to combine this library with something. 
or have a family gathering

One quite afternoon a friend of us thew his idea to open a cafe in our library. We were speechless and could only say, WOW. It's true what Paulo Coelho said, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

That's how one of my dreams came true. Finally, the cafe is there. Next to our office. I can always visit it to work/read/have meetings/daydream/chat or just sit there and do nothing.    
Still need more books to fill in the bookshelf

So...if you guys happen to be around Kebayoran Baru/Wolter Monginsidi/Blok S/Pasar Santa/Ciragil and around, please do drop by at Cafe Unju'an. You can enjoy our coffee/tea/chocolate and some snacks. We also rent the place for private meeting/gathering/book launching/karaoke, etc for limited 15 persons (yup,,,it's just a small but COZY cafe). Btw the name Unju'an is from Javanese. It has several meaning but for this cafe we think we want to relate it with 'something served' (hidangan). We have three baristas and they are college students who have passion in dealing with coffee. Salute to these young people.

All in all, we'll be waiting for your visit:))

Cafe Unju'an/iLegal Library
Jl. Cikatomas II No. 1A
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Working Hours: Monday-Saturday, 08.00 - 21.00 


Dear Daddy,

We may find a prince someday will always be our KING.

Happy birthday.


Najla & Zea


Weekend Getaway: Hotel U Janevalla Bandung

Ah .....after five months left this blog, I am so very happy to finally write something here. Miss you, my blog:)
My hubby got two wedding party invitations in Bandung last week. Considering the crazy traffic from Jakarta to Bandung, it seemed it's impossible to go back and forth from Jakarta to Bandung. Then in the injury time, I browsed in the internet and found this cozy place to stay, Hotel U Janevalla on Jalan Aceh, next to Arya Duta Hotel and behind Bandung Indah Plaza.   

The hotel has an industrial design. Simple yet interesting. It's completed with a mini library (with limited books and visitors), and what the girls love would be the rooftop restaurant and swimming pool. It reminded us of a small version of Jane Orchard Hotel Singapore's rooftop swimming pool.

Athough the hotel was just open for the past three months however I saw that it was quite full. I guess that's due to the power of Traveloka, Trip Advisor, Social Media and all which give high score for this property.

One thing that disturbed us was only the breakfast. The restaurant for breakfast was too small while the hotel guests were soooo many. The hotel provided two floors for the breafast unfortunately the food and the drink were only available on ground floor while mezanine floor only had chairs for sitting. Since my family was a leyeh-leyeh group and arrived there on 8 o'clock then almost all places have already been occupied so we finally sat on mezanine floor and needed to go back and forth from one floor to another with glass and plate on our hands to get our breakfast.'s killing me (makan jadi ga maksimal, KZL).

Hopefully the hotel will do something about the breakfast thing since this hotel is quite recommended. It has strategic location and  lovely design. Although the parking space is limited but the hotel provides a valet parking. If you're looking for an alternative hotel in Bandung, this hotel might be an option since it has instagrammable spots in many areas.  

Find more on Hotel U Janevalla here.

Book Review: Mata di Tanah Melus

Title: Mata di Tanah Melus
Writer: Okky Madasari
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
First Printing 2018
192 pages

After releasing six novels, Entrok, 86, Maryam, Pasung Jiwa, Kerumunan Terakhir and the latest one was a short stories collection Yang Bertahan dan Binasa Perlahan (2017), now finally Okky Madasari launched her first children book, Mata di Tanah Melus

Mata di Tanah Melus is the response for Okky's restlessness. As a mother with a small little girl, I felt her, that sometimes it's a bit hard to get good books for our kids. A story that brings something. Fun, educative, but still made in line with the kids' age. English children books are a lot but once in a while we need to get Indonesian book just to introduce the kids with their own local wisdom and to date there are still not to many options for Indonesian children book that are able to capture children's heart. With the current gadget attack, it's a serious work to create a book that is able to make the kids glue to the story until finished.

Although the book stated as  children novel 5+ however I started reading it before my girls do. As a fan of Okky's works, I am curious how Okky wrote this child adventure. Would she be successful?

I guess so, it's an adventure of a little girl, Matara, who joins her mom trip to Belu, East Nusa Tenggara. One day something happens  and Mata is separate from her mother and landed in Melus Land. Here is the adventure, Mata experiences lots of incredible stuffs. She needs to be on her own and fights to survive.

Okky said that this is her first book of kids adventure and she promised to continue working on this project. Can't wait for another adventure.