Batik Fiesta

I don't know who starts the Batik Fiesta first, but I have to admit that it really works. Perhaps since Malaysia proclaims that Batik belongs to them, we as the legal owner of Batik get furious and show it by wearing it. Great ideas, indeed.

I remember, in the old days, we only wore Batik for attending wedding party (usually for men) or special for civil servants, they're obliged to wear it on Friday. But, recently, Batik is everywhere. Everybody comfortably wears it. Go and check it, from ITC Kuningan (Mal Ambasador) until Metro Plaza Senayan, they all sell Batik in various models. Just choose, you want a babydoll model or an elegant one, all provided. Beautiful patterns, colors and models. Even myself, who never felt interested to buy Batik dress, got over excited and bought some Batik blouses and wear them as office outfits.

Actually, it's all started when I visited the latest Inacraft, where I saw so many Batik seller and also there were crowds everywhere, people (mostly women) got overwhelmed with a lot of Batik collection to purchase.

Well, I am so happy to see this Batik trends. Wish it's not going to be a temporary trends. Let's support Batik to be an everlasting trends in Indonesia, our beloved country.