Mrs Doubtfire

Couple days a go, Zea's (my 2nd daughter) babysitter informed me that she had to go to her hometown for 3 days since she had an urgent personal matters. As usual, when I heard this kind of proposal I always feel a bit distressed. Imagining at home with my two very active little girls (3 yrs & 16 months), compared with tons of works at the office. Moreover, I took many leaves during my mom hospitalized which cause many pending jobs at the office.

Last night, I talked to my hubby:
me: "Ayah, mbak Yoyoh (our nanny) will take a-three-day leaves. I'm afraid I won't be able to take more leaves at the office."
ayah: (answer in a calm tone) "Okay, you may go to the office. I'll take care of the little girls."
me: (speechless) "Really? Thanks a lot. You really are a great hubby (and daddy)."

Lord, I'm grateful for having a husband with a big heart. It's so.....BIG that makes me feel so..... comfortable to share life together till the rest of our life. Amiiiin.

dedicated to Ayah, Thanks for being Mrs. Doubtfire today. It really means a lot to me.