Mark Haddon's Book

"The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" was the first Mark Haddon's book that I'd read. It took quite a long time to finish it since my friend lent me the book of Shopaholic series that seemed more juicy, so I had to put this book for a while.

The book itself tells about Christopher Boone, an autistic-fifteen-year-old-boy. The story is told from Christopher's point of view. It's really funny and at the same time sad. From this book, we can learn how an autistic person thinks of everything.

Like Christopher, he's really smart. He knows all the countries in the world with their capitals, he knows prime numbers up to 7,057. He has good relationship with animals, while he has no understanding of human emotion. He cannot stand to be touched and he detests yellow color.

He lives in patterns, rules and a diagram kept in his pocket, until one day, a neighbor's dog is killed and he decides to solve the murder in the style of his favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Time acclaims that this book is 'funny, sad and totally convincing'. Yes, the story is really vivid and memorable. I still keep thinking about Christopher's life even after I finish it. A unique one.