I am not a freaking shopping girl *denial*. I just can't stand the statement of 'Mid Year Sale Up To 50%', 'Year End Sale', Buy One Get One Free', 'Additional 10% For Certain Cardholders', etc.

I know the quote of 'getting the maximum quality of life with the minimum number of possession', real life is a bit difficult to implement it *excuse*. Take example for clothes, if I purchase new clothes, I have to take other clothes out of the closet. Buying 3 new clothes means that I have to choose other 3 blouses and take them out of my closet. But, in fact, when it's time to select the clothes to be put out of the closet, I suddenly come out with a lot of reasons, 'well, this one has sentimental reason', 'while that one is still good, I'll wear it' (although, actually its size doesn't fit me anymore, but I'm an optimistic person, I'll go on a diet someday in the future. Only God knows). The result is my closet is so full and no empty space in it.

Living in Jakarta with its great malls really accommodate my habit. I happened to read this line in one of luxurious mall in Jakarta, "Shopping makes you feel comfortable". It seems that the mall management really understand their customers needs. They spoil them with nice atmosphere and promotion here and there.

Moreover, my office is surrounded with big and famous malls which always keep tempting me to spend my lunch break there. The process usually takes like this, I start by having lunch, continued with sightseeing, and end up with certain shopping bags to take to the office.

Don't blame the mall management, they just do their jobs. Me, the one who must take responsibility to stop my shopping habit. Well... I'll try. I don't know when but I promise I will *let's see*.

Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian author said in his book "Like the Flowing River" : "Some of my friends complain, that because they have so many clothes, they waste hours of their life trying to decide what to wear. Now, that I have reduced my wardrobe to 'basic black', I no longer have this problem".

I can't imagine if I have to wear black dress to the office everyday just like Mr. Coelho does, perhaps my boss will ask, " What's happened to you? Are you now a member of Deddy Corbuzier's Fans Club?".


Anonymous July 17, 2008 at 5:55 PM  


I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

Have a nice day!