Things that Made Me Happy

Last holiday, I went to a big mall in South Jakarta and found incredible things there, such as:
1. Planning to buy a new big suitcase since I did not have any big suitcase *excuse*. Fortunately, I saw a cute-flowery-big-suitcase at 'Bags City' with 50% discount plus 10% additional discount for BCA cardholder. What more could I say? Dream came true. The deal was agreed in the very first place.

Still, there's also a pity story. On the way to parking lot, people looked at my hubby, who pulled the big suitcase, suspiciously. Perhaps, they wondered, "What's this guy going to do with the suitcase? Hopefully not to put a dead body in there." Well, lately, the trend of murdering someone, mutilating, and finally putting the victim in the suitcase's getting more in numbers. How poor my hubby was. He was the victim of a discount-holic wife. Sorry, my dear Ayah.

2. The luck still continued. Starving on lunch time. Najla as a big fan of Pizza Hut, surely chose the place to have our lunch there. When the bill came, the waiter asked, "Do you have a BCA credit card? There's 15% discount for BCA cardholder."

3. The last luck was on our way home, I dropped by at Haagen Dazs. Buying 2 (two) pints of ice creams and voila.....there's 50% discount for Mandiri cardholder.

Well, yesterday was really my lucky day. I loved it very much.


Ingkan Simanjuntak August 1, 2008 at 4:55 PM  

exactly my situaton last week mba :)

that UK-based deptstore was having a big sale where everything was added an extra 20% discount, and i was like a woman possessed.. hihihihih :"> *jadi malu*

anyway, the mall itself (the one with the big red shoe on ground floor - somewhere in senayan) was temporarily 'closed'. found it from my friend who was trying to get in but the security guard shushed her car away since there was no parking space available..

talking about sale huh? ;P

Anonymous August 3, 2008 at 10:41 PM  

Gue juga tadi beruntung neh, ada extra diskon 20 % utk HSBC cardholder di Nine West, Grand Indonesia. Hehe..

Anonymous August 4, 2008 at 4:37 PM  

Jeng Ingkan & Jeng Karin,

Gemana caranya ya biar kita insyaf & tidak mudah tergiur diskon??? Susah euy....maklum wanita modis (modal diskon) hihi...garing dot com.