One Fine Day

Last Thursday (11/6) Najla’s school conducted a study tour to Planetarium, Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) and National Monument (Monas). As usual I took one day leave to accompany her. This was going to be the first visit to those places for Najla and me aswell (yup…those 2 places never been on my school’s study tour list back then). Below is the recap:

First Destination: Planetarium, TIM

As soon as I entered the building, I got some kind of feeling that things were not going too well. Why? When the show was ready, the room went dark completely and we could see stars shining above us. Cool…for me, not for Najla who was scared of the dark and asked me to leave the room very soon. I tried to calm her down. Finally she stopped crying. Later on, I noticed she was too quiet, I knew something went wrong, dear God….she felt asleep. Yeah…perhaps Astronomy is not Najla’s things now, don’t know in the future, people change, aren’t they?

Second Destination: National Monument (Monas)

The weather was so hot and dusty at the moment we arrived there. The programs at Monas full of queueing but not for Najla and me. In spite of queueing like other people did, Najla and I were queueing in front of the rest room since Najla needed to poo. Whaks…such a perfet moment, sweety.

I felt a bit disappointed at first because we missed the opportunity to go to the top of Monas, but when I overheard some mommies grumbling that they had been staying in line for hours to enjoy the Jakarta view from the top of Monas and unfortunately, according to them, nothing special there but the hard wind who was ready to blow them all to the sky *exaggerating*.

In the end I had to thank Najla then, it seemed she knew what the best for us. We arrived home at 7 p.m. totally fatigue but really had a one fine day.