Honeymoon with My Brother

What will you do if your fiancee dump you in the altar? The wedding party’s already been settled, all invitations have already been sent and half of the guests are already on their way to the wedding place?

This is a memoir of Franz Wisner. His life seemed to get broken down at the time his fiancee, who already been together for the past 10 years dumped him just one week before their wedding day. Having ready for wedding party and honeymoon; there were two options for him: cancel all programs or proceed it without the bride. Supported by his younger brother, Kurt Wisner and all his best friends, Franz who was in despair took second option.

The honeymoon turned out to be a great experience for both of them. Franz and Kurt who were been apart and felt allied with each other, finally found their sense of brotherhood. Eventually, Franz and Kurt decided to continue their journey. They quit their jobs, sold their houses, threw out their cell phones into trash and went together around the globe.

After two years on the road, visiting more than 53 countries, including Indonesia, they became closer to each other and found a new meaning of life. The journey changed their way of enjoying life. From Central America to North Europe and Middle East, from Africa to South East Asia, including Australia and New Zealand, every new adventure took them to unique and interesting place and turned out to be great experiences.

Funny, touching and entertaining. This book will inspire you to start your own journey. Following the Wisners’ step to leave our routine activities behind and live as free as a bird.

This great book will be adapted into a movie very soon and the Wisners now is trying to prepare the sequel of this successful book.