Taxi Driver

Rain fell all night long and it’s still drizzling until this morning. A perfect moment to stay in bed and forget about office stuff. But my mind still worked well and suddenly instructed me to get up, it’s not holiday yet, in fact it’s Tuesday and a lot of works was waiting for me. Okay…I reluctantly left my comfortable zone. At first, I planned to take train to the office, but seeing the non-stop raining really made me losing my good mood #excuse#. Finally, I decided to ring Blue Bird pool and ordered a taxi.

At 6 a.m. sharp, the taxi arrived, at the moment I opened the taxi door, I was a bit shocked to see the taxi driver, she was a middle-aged woman who welcomed me with her friendly big smile. Later on, I found out that there are actually 5 women taxi driver in her pool.

So this morning I had different experiences. Despite feeling stressful with terrible traffic jam, we had a long and nice chit-chat. Ms. Wuri, the driver, is a mother of two. She used to be a house wive but since her hubby was cheated by his business partner and felt depressed, she decided to find a job and forget their misfortune. She said that at first her children objected her choice to be the taxi driver, they were afraid that their mom would be murdered. Ms. Wuri said that their children watched Buser too often.

She’s very polite and a skillful driver as well (she was an instructor for a driving course many years a go and she loves driving very much).

I admire her. She’s a good example for all of us. Her spirit really influenced me. We could learn a lot from her. Thanks to Ms. Wuri who already brighten my day and give me a nice thing to ponder today, thank you.