Free Lunch

My President Director, Mr. Oshima has a unique way to congratulate his employees birthdays by inviting every employee including drivers and OB to join free lunch at a luxurious restaurant in our office building.

As a January person, I got my turn yesterday. There were 5 person who happened to celebrate their birthdays in January. Here we were, sitting in a big round table, staring at the good food and trying to finish and enjoying our lunch in a good manner. Well…..I didn’t know, but it’s a bit ‘tense’ atmosphere here, perhaps having lunch with our PD is not an everyday thing, so…we felt a kind of awkward feeling. Still…Mr. Oshima tried his best to break the ‘ice’, although it didn’t work too well, it must need longer time to adjust, perhaps we should eat together with our PD more often #nggak tau diri#.

At the end of the lunch session, Mr. Oshima asked each person to tell about the happiest moment for the past 12 months, he started by telling about his only daughter who already graduated from law school in Japan. He’s so proud of her. Continued by all of us telling about our most memorable moment in 2008. Mr. Oshima said that by sharing these great moments, we could feel the happiness spread to all of us. Nice thought.

During lunch time, I came to a conclusion that it’s not about the food nor the place but it’s the person with whom we spend our time is the most important part. So, even if we just buy food at the street vendor but if we eat it with the one we love, I’m sure it will be more enjoyable.