Ascolta la mia Voce

When the first time I read Susanna Tamaro’s book Va’ dove to Porta il Cuore (Pergilah Kemana Hati Membawamu, 2004), I felt in love with the way she told the story. Engaging words. Touching. I found her other book that already translated by Gramedia Pustaka Utama which was Rispondimi (Jawablah Aku, 2005). This story even more fascinating.

Last week I found her newest book, Ascolta la mia Voce (Dengarlah Suaraku, 2009). I was so happy to read her other great book. It turned out that this book is a sequel of Va’ dove to Porta il Cuore (Pergilah kemana Hati Membawamu, 2004). It’s almost five years a go when I finished the book and curious about the ending of the novel. Finally here it is. Dream comes true.

The story is a continuation of Marta, the granddaughter of Ilaria, who is now all alone. She knew only that her mom passed away when she was just a little girl, other stories about her parents remain a mystery. One day, Martha comes across her mom diary and letters.Those stuff reveal the fact that her dad and her great-uncle are possibly still alive.

Wondering about her past, Marta decides to leave her grandma house and starts her journey in encountering the people from her past.

This is a beautiful story about human need to find their roots in the past. I love the way Susanna wrote the story. She picked beautiful words and brought it in a very touching way. Honestly, in some parts of the book I couldn’t stop my tears.

Other great things is the translation. It is very good. I can feel the soul of the original version of this story. Bravo A. Sudiarja (the translator). I’ll be waiting for Gramedia to translate other books of Susanna Tamaro.