Anne of Avonlea

The 2nd book of Anne of Green Gables' series, which actually consist of 5 books and it seems that Qanita will translate all, yay...!

If the 1st book tells about Anne as a little girl, while the sequel tells about Anne as a young teacher at Avonlea (her former school back then). Although Anne's already 17 years old, her character's still the same, brave, cheerful and full of imagination. Following Anne's experiences in handling her students are very funny, touchy and inspiring.

I really love this Anne's serial. It warms my heart. It transferred me back to my old memories when I was so busy reading Enid Blyton's books.I feel like I go back to the old days. Imagining and dreaming to undergo an adventurous life. Miss the old days and feel so old....:))

I enjoy not only the translation by Maria M. Lubis, who successfully can keep the 'soul' of the original story, but also the colorful cover of the book. The 3rd book "Anne of the Island" has also already been translated and published by Qanita. Can't wait to grab that book very soon.


kiky July 17, 2009 at 10:54 PM  

Ugh! Y' knew what, my mommy bought me this serials 18 years ago!!!! Cuma gue dah nonton di Disney Channel seraial anne of green gables (that was when we live in Texas)...gara2x posting ini looks like I have to find the books and read it. Serial itu ngga pernah gue baca (ada total 9 buku sampe Anne tua).ugh!!!! *sorry mommy*

najlazea July 19, 2009 at 8:25 AM  

How lucky you are to have a great mommy like that, go find the books & I'm sure you'll have a great time reading this awesome series...