Accuracy of Death

I spent my time during this long weekend by watching my dusty VCDs and DVDs. Usually the VCD player was under my girls'control, therefore I used to watch a lot of Barneys and Barbies movies, but this time I did some negotiation with them and thank God, some agreements were made, yay!!!

This time I watch a Japanese movie, Accuracy of Death a.k.a. Sweet Rain based on best-selling novel by Kotaro Isaka. I haven't read the novel, so I can't compare them, but the fact is the movie is great.

The story is unique. The setting is in Japan. The characters are mostly lonely people remind me of Haruki Murakami's books. It is about a man or a Grim Reaper, named Chiba who has a job as an observer for a person that is going to die within 7 days. Chiba will follow the person and monitor thoroughly, afterwards he has to give decision either this person is going to be 'executed' or 'passed over'.

There are three subjects that must be observed by Chiba, his first subject is a 27-yr-old-woman, Kazue Fujiki, the second one is a Yakuza agent and last one is an old hairdresser woman who lives in the countryside. The story moves a bit slowly but it's set in a beautiful way. Certain conflict also arise, usually when Chiba emotionally involves with his subject.

A good movie though, curious about the book, need to check it at the bookshop soon.


alaya July 24, 2009 at 9:27 AM  

i'll look for the movie :)
have you seen departures?

riana July 24, 2009 at 3:13 PM  

not yet, is it great? I trust your recommendation, I'll check it..:))