Hidup Sehat & Seimbang dengan Yoga

Sehat adalah kekayaan, kedamaian pikiran adalah kebahagiaan, Yoga menunjukkan jalannya.
(Swami Wishnu Devananda)

Living in Jakarta coret aka pelosok, I had never imagined I could experience yoga practice. It never crossed my mind. But as my yoga instructor, mbak Endang said, there's a line in yoga that said, "yoga will take you.'' I guess it's just true. One day I saw a street banner mentioning a yoga studio was just open nearby my home. I registered myself. Joining the yoga practice. Just realize that this January is going to be my second anniversary of yoga practice. As simple as that.

Not many yoga books written by Indonesian authors. This book is one of the best books of yoga. Written by Pujiastuti Sindhu from Yoga Leaf Centre, a professional certified yoga teacher. The book explains about yoga poses, movement and all the benefits of yoga in a practical, simple and very clear way. Completed with pictures of the poses and movement and also DVD to get clearer understanding of every pose and movement.

The book divides the daily practice of yoga into Balancing Practice, Strengthening Practice, Flexibility Practice and the last one is Calming and Relaxing Practice.

A very complete, informative and suitable book for everybody who wants to do yoga practice, even for a beginner. Highly recommended. Let's do yoga daily practice, everyone. Namaste.