A Melancholy Friday

A cloudy Friday morning was interrupted by my little girl's scream, I came closer to her and found out she's surrounded by her several t-shirts, dresses and pants. "What's happened, Zea?" She answered in a more calm tone, "Ma, my t-shirts and dresses have already been too small for me. Remember I am now 4 years old." Oh...sorry sweety, sometimes Mama forgets how fast Mama's girls grown up.

Well..I guess it's just the right time to rearrange my girls' wardrobe. Finally, here I was busy selecting the clothes inside my daughters wardrobe. These t-shirts were too small, those legging were worn out. Out of the blue I just felt melancholy. These clothes collections brought too many memories. Every piece of it had its own story. From Najla's first blue jeans trousers until Zea's first princess long dress.

It's all because I needed to wait for 3 years of marriage before God blessed us with Najla's birth, therefore at the time Najla was born, my hubby and I were overjoyed. I was crazy about baby girl stuff. I could not resist the urge of buying any items related to baby.

When Najla turned 1 year 10 months, her little sister came, Zea completed our happiness. As a second child in the family and since her age was not so different with her big sister, less than 2 years, she inherited Najla's abundant clothes. While Najla had a lot of new stuff, Zea was happy enough with lungsuran from her big sister. Second child's fate. How poor you're, darling:(

But last couple years everytime I buy something for her big sister, Zea always asks the same thing. So I guess the lungsuran period is almost over:)

Okay..stop the mellow feeling, I need to tidy up all these kid stuffs. Finally there're 3 big plactic bags full of girl's stuff. I removed all the bags to mbak Yoyoh's bed room (Zea's nanny). She's so excited. She said she couldn't wait to send them all to her village and distribute them to her relatives as a new year present. So sweet...:)