Batik Najlazea: February Collection last our February Collections are here. My initial target is to produce minimal 20 items per month. But it seems it is getting harder everyday since I handle all i.e. batik hunting, production and promotion by myself *excuse*.

A friend offered me two projects last week with crazy deadlines. No, the projects had nothing to do with batik. I dealt with legal drafting and stuffs. Definitely not a fun thing to do but it is still okay as long as I don't have to deal with them everyday:)

Trying to do all at the same time is hard. Finally I come to a conclusion that I will not push it. I will not let myself getting stressful over my online shop or anything else. I will enjoy all and not consider them as an obligation. They are just hobbies. No deadlines. No target. is beautiful again^^... enjoy our lovely sackdress and colorful capuchon here.