Traveling with Pomegranate

This book is unique. Why? Because this is a travelogue describing the duo's journeys of a mother and daughter through the sacred places of Greece, Turkey and France. The mother is a famous author, Sue Monk Kidd. She is the author of a touching novel The Secret Life of Bees, while her daughter Ann Kidd Taylor also follows her mom to become a writer.

This is an intimate dual memoir. Sue and Ann take turn in writing this book. Started by Sue first then the next chapter continued by Ann. It goes like that until the last chapter. We will have two different stories about the same places. One from a fiftysomething point of view, the other is from twentysomething.

But the book not only talks about the places they visit. It also talks about the authors' journey. The mother tells about her serious illness and her midlife crisis. While Ann tells about her depression when she fails to enter her dream college. Not all stories are interesting. Sometimes the story moves so slow. A bit boring. My favorite part is the story about how Sue got the idea in creating her first novel The Secret Life of Bees. From this book then I know the process of her first novel. It's not an easy thing. It took long process before finally published and became a big hit.

This book is inspiring me. I just love the idea of having my own travelogue with my girls someday. It's going to be exciting. Can't wait.


Perez February 10, 2011 at 2:22 PM  

dimulai aja dari sekarang...dia ajak nulis aja :D

riana February 11, 2011 at 5:48 PM  

@Perez: Maunya sih begitu, tapi apa daya saat ini mereka lebih memilih menggambar & mewarnai daripada menulis...:p