Saga no Gabai Bachan

Kebahagiaan itu bukan sesuatu yang ditentukan oleh uang
Kebahagiaan itu adalah sesuatu yang ditentukan oleh diri kita sendiri, oleh hati kita

Are you afraid of being poor? Is being poor always a bad thing? This memoir of Yoshichi Shimada will give deep meaning of being poor. Poorness does not always mean negative. There are still plenty of good quality about being poor.

Telling in a simple way, this memoir will be in your heart for days. Although this is actually a very sad story but the author with his amazing grandma can change our point of view to be positive and always being grateful in life.

Akihiro (the author real name) lost his father after Hiroshima's bombing. Since his mother needed to work to support his family, he finally moved to Saga and stayed there with his grandma. He never thought that his grandma is the most unique grandma. They lived a hard life but his grandma never lost her love of life. She always enjoyed everything. She had tons of unique ideas. Take an example when the author wanted to join some sport like kendo and judo, at first her grandma supported him but as soon as he said it would cost some money for the registration and some equipment, her grandma suddenly changed her mind. Instead she asked her grandson to do running, the free sport, no charge. The author followed her grandma's suggestion and at last succeeded as as one of the best sprinter at his school and could follow some tournaments.

Whenever her grandson felt down, this amazing grandma never failed to cheer him up. This book is very popular in Japan. This story has been adapted into movie, game and manga. This amazing grandma will always be in everybody's heart.

This book has been translated from Japanese into Bahasa Indonesia by Kansha Books on April 2011.