Jia, Sebuah Kisah dari Korea Utara

As we know that North Korea is one of the most mysterious countries in the world. Not many books tell about it. This is the first book about North Korea to be published in English. Written by Hyejin Kim based on her work with North Korean refugees living in villages along the Korean-Chinese border.

A story about Jia, a little girl who spent her childhood in a gulag with her grandparents and sister. Later on she escaped and began her dangerous voyage started from an orphanage in Pyongyang then continued to a dancer school that brought her dancing before the foreign visitors and the Great Leader himself.

This story is a cry to the world to recognize what is going on in China-North Korea border. I had little knowledge of North Korea and this book was a great introduction. It's worth a read. Beside that after finishing this book, I guarantee that you will at last realize what a blessed life you lived.

Already translated by PT Elex Media Komputindo on 2011.