Ibu-ibu Anda


Ketika Tuhan merajutmu,
tentulah Ia memasukkan banyak warna tawa
juga bermeter-meter benang ketangguhan
Pasti dirajut Nya pula helai-helai sutra kepekaan
diantara kokohnya jalinan kecerdasan dan aneka ragam corak kebaikan

Alangkah dahsyatnya Sang Pencipta
kau terbentuk sebagai mahakarya
tak tertandingi
tak terbandingi
karena tidak seorangpun yang menyamaimu
Dan aku bangga menerima 'rajutan' terindah buah tangan-Nya

A bond between a mother and her daughter is always be a special thing. Alexandra Silitonga, the author of this book is lucky since she was raised by three different wonderful mothers. The first mom was her biological mother, her Mami, but unfortunately the author only had a very short tome with her. Due to cancer disease, her Mami passed away when the author was only 4 years old.

She then was raised by her step mom, she called her Mama, and the last one is the author's baptized mom, Ma Ani. These three mothers have enriched the author's life. Each of them has different characteristic. The first mom was a business woman who run a successful garment business. From her, the author learned the value of strength.

While the second Mama was a housewife who dedicated her life for her family . The author got the gifts of warm from her. Finally the last one, Ma Ani, who influenced her with her gift of value. Ma Ani who introduced the author how to speak English when she was still at kindergarten and also influenced the author to love the books. The last chapter is closed with the story about the author herself and her 2 kids. Touching.

An inspiring book. Every chapter is presented with a beautiful poem (like I quoted above) and cute illustration. Published by Penerbit Buah Hati on June 2011. A perfect book for a mom.


mei September 26, 2011 at 3:44 PM  

wah pengen... tq ya, jadi tau ada buku ini :)

riana September 28, 2011 at 10:34 AM  

@mei: sama-sama, ketemu buku ini juga nggak sengaja, menyempil diantara buku2 baru di gn agung :)